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Signed Guitar

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Posted by Amanderz


lleytenspringsteen's picture

wow. amazing. it's good for some actions then after that signed. i know it will increase it's value for such guitar.

marcela98's picture

Dear! When you come to Polish??? :D

Poland and Polish fans are waiting for you!

I love u!! <3 ;**

erickfiuza's picture

Brazil misses you guys...

mcflysp91's picture

the guitar was never mentioned on how to win it by the band members, but the chance for getting it is over,this is where it was from

berta98's picture

what we have to do for acheiving thiiiiis???:O

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come to CHILE!!! =D

mcflysp91's picture

Yeah...I can finally say that I have that bass! Thank you David Desrosiers for tweeting it:) didn't believe it was actually his till i found some pictures that showed similar slight damages and by asking him if it was his, he said it was!!

Alee Eliaz's picture

Yo quiero esa guitarra :( la quiero


my guitarrr signed!! :D (i wish)

mile.argentina's picture

I want it! No, I NEED IT!

mcflysp91's picture

I think a lot of people had their chance to get this guitar, not the guitar that they are holding but a guitar yes, I don't want to upset anyone but it was listed on ebay for charity for the radiothon, I think it's the real deal with the proof that I have found, went on the radio stations website, found their facebook and on their facebook on September 2 it says selling a personalized signed guitar from Simple Plan, also found this and here was the listing for the guitar

i'm 80% sure of this as the band never mentioned anything like they usually do:( the photo posted on ebay is exactly like the one here, but was posted a few days before this picture on their site

flori82's picture

Who got this guitar? :-)

MargueritePL's picture

Pierre and his fake smile.. always the same :/

Fer_SP's picture

SP ROCKS!!!!! ?????

cambiateelcuento's picture

Pierre looks sooooooo cute! I love his smile! And David has a funny face;)

Laura C's picture

Seb looks way too cute!!!

heheheheyyhereisSUE's picture

i think david wasnt ready

Days's picture

Sweet picture! You guys all look great:)!

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pierre looks so cute :) and david have a funny face :) haha..

Gab Tañedo's picture

wow! so cool @ Pierre really loveS what he is doing

Austranadian's picture

lol seb and david look clueless!

Mad of music's picture

i love love love love you SP !!!!! J'ai tellement hatte de vous revoir à Québec !

Grazielle Daiane's picture

coisas mais lindas , fala serio né

Manye's picture

Haha ! I love David's and Seb's faces :D
Pierre's smile is definitively one of the cutest :)
And God ! Seb, you look so awesome with your glasses :D
Love all of you guys ?

mimesonic's picture

Can i have it =L

Dakota_Q's picture

nice pic

Fernanda_6's picture

I really want this bass :)

traces of teacups's picture

heheh. love this pic. ;3 love all the pics when all of the guys are together. and Chuck seems to be wearing red on his own. I don't know. whenever I see that one of them dress differently from the rest, I just found it quite... well, interesting. -slapped-

and, lol, I agree... David's face is so funny. I like Seb's expression, too; and Pierre's smile and Chuck's and Jeff's pose.

hmm... some signs at the headstock. probably Seb's... :)

and garsh, the guitar sure looks amazing with the black glossy color, plus it's been signed by the guys. oh, I think every SP fans sure wants one... or two, or more. haha. anyway, great pic, guys! 8D