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Awesome catering dog! Coco. Reminds me of delilah.

Awesome catering dog! Coco. Reminds me of delilah.
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Posted by Pierre

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Days's picture

What a pretty dog.

crisden joy's picture

Delilah was a name taken from the song of plain whites hey there delilah...etc....

crisden joy's picture

oh!! i hope that Eliza my dog will meet this Coco....she'll surely like him...

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Awwhh, so cute!

lety95astronaut's picture

oh!!!!is so cute...**!

Bibiflocfloc's picture

hihi on voit le pieds de Pierre =)

Kelly_7's picture

Look how cuuuttttteeee! that dog looks a bit like my dog tank.It's even a small world in the world of dogs lo

sandra_3's picture

Aww she looks like my old dogg :)

Ronjjah's picture

aaaawe sooo cute :)

rockismydrug's picture

aww so cute :D love dogs

Jonathan Redaelly's picture

yay the dog is famous lol. i love simple plan

Lara. ♥'s picture

Comment il est trop mignon ! Je veux le même ! Obliger de craqué quand on voit une petite bouille comme sa. *____*

Austranadian's picture

awwwwwwwwww!!!! sooooooooo ADORABLE!!!

klj4e's picture

awwwww sexyyy :DDD

Javii_2's picture

Such a cute dog :3 I think Delilah is more beutiful, but yeah, they are similar (:

im.SPAstronaut's picture

aww sweet doggy *-*

Lindsey Trimble's picture

aww she is so cute such a sweet doggy.;D

Lovesimpleplan_4's picture

Aww true! Delilah is a lot like. They are both beautiful! :)

Tássia's picture

cute! an eye green and an eye blue! POUAHAHAH

Lynn_SPfan's picture

AWH!!! i wish i could have small dogs like this one, but my dog it too big... he might accidently eat a small dog...

and that's a joke; he would never do that lol

sabiie.'s picture

Aww, she's such a cutie pie! :D

AliceLovSP's picture

Hey Delilah!S2 ownnt:) Cute cute

Ana Paula_2's picture

Cuuuuuuuuuute ;D

Tam VM's picture

aww so cute :3
and yes it reminds me of Delilah too, but she's prettier :3
hahaha XD agree with Steephz, they could date :D

Lia's picture

Love it *-*.. i cant have dogs -.-, sucks

CaKeBomB's picture

I can see Pierres foot :D

mimesonic's picture

Aww he's so cute

carina_bouvier's picture

yeah so cute :D

Stephanie P.'s picture

He and Delilah could date ;)

Aymara's picture

so cute!!!!