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A prayer for all of us this morning.

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Posted by Seb

-Sebastien. mobile



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C'est Au Japon?? *-*

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pretty :)
needs a lil collor lol but its a great photo

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Waouh! C'est tellement Magnifique !!

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looks sooo empty! lol and really quite... and nice :D

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it looks so peacful... wow...

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Nice place! :D

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you're great man:)
Buenos dias desde Españaa!

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C'est vraiment beau.
Qu'est ce que j'aimerais pouvoir voir ça un jour !
Pour ça il faudrait que je gagne au LOTO, faudrait peut être que je commence à jouer ...

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ça donne envie de courir comme une dingue et de danser avec une ombrelle ^^

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that´s beautiful :D

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beautiful place, so peaceful ...
great photo Seb, respect!

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wow great ?

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lovely :D

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wow, what a great place

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I'll also be praying for you all :)
and I love the sky!!!!! is purple :3

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all the best voice rest in the world pierre!!

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Cest vraiment beau !! :O

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it's beautiful

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I pray for you guys everyday, I'm glad to see that God is listening.

Stay strong guys :D

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Is this Meihi Shirine? You're such a good photographer Seb :-)

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how beautiful, i wish i was there heheh xD

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That`s gorgeous.

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So you guys are going back home? Are you sad?

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Awe can I go there one day please.

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Very VERY pretty

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aww its so purrty!