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I'm so sad they didn't have my size...

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Posted by Seb

-Sebastien. mobile



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high style!!!^^

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you're gonna get them anytime!:D

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awww... It's okay Seb! That happens to me all the time it's almost like they hide the correct size from me on purpose XD. We still got our hearts on for you anyways!!

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Meu amor não fica triste ...

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buy a size bigger and put on just 5 pairs of socks ^^

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omg is that 73 THOUSAND yuans? o_o

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Niice shoes! Sucks they donn't have your size :(

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Poor seb, why you don't buy converse shoes or others shoes? it's look nice too, I think :)

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poor seb

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Cute shoes! :D

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beautiful shoes Seb, but don't be sad ok

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Reminds me of Katie Rox :D

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Yea those are cool shoes. I fall in love with shoes all the time and they never have my size =( Hope you find them!

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Oh I understand you u-u sometimes I´ve the same problem that they don´t have my size T-T ughh , anyways I hope u find them on another store :)

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haha they're definetely Seb-like. Hope you'll find your size somewhere else, I know they'll look amazing on you :)

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73,000? o_O in america that'd be like Lady Gaga's shoes

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I love them that really sucks hope you find them in the right size one day :] love you seb

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Seb u'r sooooooooo fucking cute! seriously... and I love u sooo much!... haha u'r the best :D
and it's a shame that they didn't have your size.. it would fit u PERFECTLY... and u'd be more beautiful than usual. ? :P

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grow up hahaha the song fits in there lol. i love you guys so much man i wish i could meet you guys one day. you guys are my favorite artists in the world

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Just a kid ?

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awesome shoes :) don't be sad seb i know it's a pity ...

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cool shoes...too bad they didn't have your size...but don´t be sad

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weww,,pretty cool shoes :D

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aonnh! Pauvre de toi! T'inquiete, je suis une habituer de ca moi! haha

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They look teeny

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aww, too bad they didn't have your size. They would've shaped your bum nicely.

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i saw it somewhere... i don't know if your size is