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Posted by David

The crowd tonight in Scranton PA shot by my good friend Scott from unwritten law!ganstaa!
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still_not_get_enough's picture

wow :D a lot of people :D

VirgSP's picture

I wish I was there guys! :l

cassiebauer's picture

I was there(: Totally amazing

mariian_spfd182's picture

glad to see you uploading more pics here, this one is great! :D

AllisonMarieChan's picture

Home of "The Office" I wonder if Michael Scott went to your concert ;P

BlackCherry's picture

I was here :D

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Damn, what a crowd! Wish you guys were there tonight for the Mississauga date though! It was epic, but would been sooo much better if you were there

Aracely Bouvier's picture

I want to be one of them

I Love SP_3's picture

Wow, amazing :)

Kaytlynn's picture

i was there! drove 4 hrs to be there! :-)

SimpleplanCida2011's picture

Eso está bien !


I wish i could be there ): anyway, i'm still waiting you guys here in Brazil. And we WON'T tear every limb of you guys, as David said. HAHAHA it's just too much love from too much fans. ;D

LowluxSP's picture

il y a de l'ambiance ! et du monde =D

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I was there last night and let me just say, you guys rocked! The show was so kick ass, I jumped and screamed my little heart out. As always, you put on a great show and give the fans something to scream about. Thank you!

lety95astronaut's picture

Wow!guys!!!!you raze!!!!!!i see u in bilbao!(spaiN!)^^

Kay_Olina's picture

Great crowd! and why? Because YOU are great Guys!

Noah_SP4ever's picture

Soo coool!!!

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I love you guys. If I was in that crowd, I'd be the loudesr and proudest fan there!