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Private plane!!! Whasssup?!?!

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Posted by Pierre

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Travel with Style and with Pierre :P

simpleplanlover_3's picture

you're really amazing,pierre.
...and crazy,but amazing;D

Austranadian's picture

My reply to this is simple: OMYFKKINGGOSH!!!!

149ner's picture

looks like your having a good time haha

Lara. ♥'s picture

Ahahaah il est très drôle sur cette photo xD

jainur's picture

hehehe luv u pierre

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i like you shorts :D

yourock.1's picture

cool pics

Days's picture

How awesome!!

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Dasar Dayak BIAJU

FallenAnqel's picture

Funny :D

julietteharris's picture

this plane should be landing in the st. john's, NL airport soon! :) love youuu :)

audreey90's picture

De vrais stars ma foi!! ;)

Kayla ShaDay's picture

I can be your carry on :)

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IGIsaur's picture

nice!! keep it up guys!

Grazielle Daiane's picture

Is so Jeeeeet Laaaaaaaaaaaaaag

GabiiiSP's picture

Take me on your trip!!! =D =D \m/

Heidi's picture

You're like a big kid!

Tam VM's picture

hahahaha if you turn you can give THE plane a big big hug with wide open arms (: XD

im.SPAstronaut's picture

Pierre could you take me with you? xDDDDDDDDD

simply_liat's picture

awsome :D

Melody SP Black's picture

Sick plane! and hahahaha your face is so funny!oh and land safely! make sure the pilots not drinking :P and driving! have an amazing wraped tour love ya alot

Micaa_95's picture

cool! :D

Glykeria Bouvier's picture

Pierre!!! :))))) i love it!!! :)))

Igor Forattini_2's picture

I wanna see this plane landing in Brazil!!! =D

sunny julia's picture

come to germany with the plane.. please... ;) !!!

Bruna_5's picture

You look very happy, so cool!