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New sp singer?

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Posted by Pierre

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Shaula's picture

Ahahaha David really do that hahaha especially to Pierre XD

BrittanyMulder's picture

DEE..thats david doing that to Jeff lol what a funny guy

Dee_2's picture

what the heck is going on with that hand under Jeff's um....area :X

Kayla ShaDay's picture

Oh goodness this is epic in so many proportions! Very nice David. Very nice.

SmichaellaP's picture

soo fu***** good pic ... !! :=D

secondheartbeat's picture

Who's that guy? :D

Nicole 3's Simple Plan's picture

i love how chucks like omg where pierre and it might be pierre standing behind jef with his hand between his legs whist jeff is on the phone lol

Bell's picture

where's david??? and idont like this guy i want pierre back!!! hahaa

Micki_SP's picture

Chuck is like: Omg! Where is Pierre, and who is that guy?

And interesting that i can see a hand between Jeffs legs :) :P

naiimaSP1D's picture

Ah non non non !! On remplace pas Pierre comme ça les gars!! ;)

crisden joy's picture

but! what happen to pierre?

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Nooo, nobody could ever be the new singer of Simple Plan, Pierre is the only one

Karine_Souza's picture

I'm seeing Pierre in this pic ! ;)

Vero Duran's picture

lollllll xD literally... LOVE IT

Vero Duran's picture

lollllllllllllllll xD LOVE IT

Claire's picture

Nice picture ! :D

Bella raichi's picture

Nooooooooooooo ><
Pierre may not to be change! :D

TAeChiba_SP's picture

lol !! Happy

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Cecy Arce's picture

new haircut Seb? Nice old school rocker look btw! lml

Joe_2's picture

Nice jacket, Seb!

Thaby's picture

why is Jeff ALWAYS on the phone? hahahaha seriously!

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Maria Clara_5's picture

Jeff was at the phone in Belo Horizonte (Brazil - 2009) during the concert! LOL staring to think he does it all the time

fatlin1115's picture

haha! what is that hand under jeff doing? ?D

Annie Bouvier's picture

hahaha, Love you guys ;)

Biaalvernaz's picture

awesome pic!! Loveya guys ?

SPyoga's picture

You'r Funny..!! xD

Catgirl140's picture

Wonder who's "the man behind jeff"? LOL xD

Hello there! x3

Andru1311's picture

You're funny!!!!! And this is good!!!! :D