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This is my POV right now.

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Posted by Pierre

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danidsm's picture

love your tattoos ! :)

Chanti94's picture

I like ;)

mairita's picture


secondheartbeat's picture

cool :D

JakyWM's picture

awesome.! =D

setosxn's picture

so, both of your hand tattooed? it cool, huh?

Kathaa's picture

oh hold on, is it your leg?!? why!??

Kathaa's picture

Oh Pie. what are you doing? the other too? i hope not...

toilebleu's picture

oh jai vraiment hâte de voir le resultat final

Tre_Claire's picture

please, please, tattoo all you want. just dont ever cover up your other arm!

JanaSPCrew's picture

OMG another one?... Alright I wanna see it when it's done ^^

I Love SP_3's picture

I'm dying to see it finished! :)

Days's picture

It looks interesting. I want to see it once it's finished:)!

sant9568's picture

Coollll :D

valee93's picture

Cool! Does it hurt you?

Fer_SP's picture

ooohhh f*ck yeeaahhh!!! ;D ?

Nath_4eversplover's picture

Another one for the collection!!!

May_Peres's picture

wow man

Yuka's picture

wow! how many tattoos do you have now?

luletta91's picture

pierre, i wanna c it! i love u....

sp75's picture

hey sweetie. another one/ that makes!! i wanna c it when it's done..luv u!=P

Chillow Desrosiers Iero's picture

nice pierre, i wanna see it when it's done!

idijo's picture

I wanna see a picture, when it's done!!!

Dakota_Q's picture

right leg?You are HardCore!LOL

Akos's picture

Nice! I want to see it when it's done! :D

TheSmileyTruth's picture

woow, it looks good! I can't wait to see it! :))

Olga_5's picture

You're getting addicted to tattoos...

YYaamila_SP's picture

I love your tattos, man! I wanna see it! ?

Laura C's picture

I really want to see your new tattoo :)

Elizabeth Vega's picture

Now you're addicted to tattoos?