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Backstage Photo

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Posted by Seb

Foundation event November 2010



Tuna's picture

Love you face Pierre you are soooooo cute

Lauren_SP's picture

Je vais finir par croire que Pierre est le roi de la grimace !! lol j'adore !!

Lara. ♥'s picture

J'adors leurs tête , ils sont trop marrant . x)

Yasmina's picture

j'adore la tete de Pierre xD

Kayla ShaDay's picture

I never knew they had half green rooms, just green ones. :) Adorable pic, and always for an amazing cause.

SmichaellaP's picture

Pierre's face ! like it ! :=)

secondheartbeat's picture

Loving Pierre's face :D

Elena_4's picture

hei does anyone know how can I talk with the simple plan guys? thanks :*

Ambra's picture

Beautiful face Pierre! I love you guys :)

KristaSPlove's picture

you're the best!!

Katie Lebiedzinski's picture

Simple Plan ROCKS!!!!!!

Katie Lebiedzinski's picture

Nice glasses David!

maximum519's picture

Pierre's face is soooo cute :) Love you all guys . Montreal&SP ROCK :D

Days's picture

You all look very handsome!