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No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

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Average: 4.9 (201 votes)
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March 19, 2002
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Astronaut_Sue's picture

the cover: no comment :D
it's so nice ^^.
I bought this first and "I'd do anything" was the first video I saw from SP. It was amazing.
Love them and this album?

Charles_4's picture

No it's not the best album it's GET YOUR HEART ON ! :P

Dylan Ruble's picture

Best album in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriella Stinco's picture

best album EVEEEER *----*

Charles_4's picture

These songs are the greatest live!

bluemoon's picture

maybe the best album ever.....

thunder_2's picture

the best song in this album is one day! you guys rock my world!

luletta91's picture

my fave album ever! there's the song i love "PERFECT"... simple plan ruleeeeees

waffledisaster's picture

this is my favourite album

sp anime's picture

I'vve listened to this since I was 5! I LOVE IT!!!!

Elise_91's picture

J'arrive pas à me le procurer celui-là! :/

Joee's picture

This is the best album ever, not just simple plan album, it must be on the 5 best cd of the history!!

simple_plan_fan2011's picture

Great album, have the US and Japan version of this, never gets old and its just something you can listen to anytime.

Fav. Tracks:
God Must Hate Me
One Day
Im Just A Kid

mar_2's picture

Will always be my fav

Ana Belquice's picture

epic album!

fernandanalon's picture

the best album EVEEEER! :D

Presley's picture

I've looked everywhere for the song One by One that was released as a bonus track off of this album in Japan and Australia does anyone know where i can buy it?

__Caarool's picture

The best album !

Coreh_LuckyOne's picture

No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls! -- It's not just an album from the amazing band Simple Plan, it's a way of life!!! :)

simpleplanera18's picture

come to argentina please *o* ?

simpleplanera18's picture

ahh i love you guys ? ? ?