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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Jonathan Redaelly's picture

to good to be true lol. jk its just simple plan and their awesome music. i love this guys

L_ainhoa_SP's picture


CuteSP's picture

Amazing Songs Guys! LatinAmerica Loves You ;D

hamdysp's picture

I like SP's songs...their my inspiration..
Keep Rockin SP...!!!

Jumpbull Scherzinger's picture

Great ..

Like this very much ..

valleerriiee's picture

Débile ! :D

J'ai tellement hate au 23 Février au Centre Bell

kelly marie's picture

omg come to england!!! i love you guys so much...

Aretito's picture

I love ths album!...

Tanja_SP's picture

i love this albummm soo much

noraastronaut's picture

I loph that

edge's picture

Love it!??? your the best.. ??

MaLIn_086's picture

Awsome!! Love this album! Why can´t you guys come to Sweden?! I would love if you came...

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DAny3lA's picture

I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN!!! AL THEIR MUSIC!!! ? ? ? 4 EEVEEER!!!!!! dams this is really good!!!'s picture


NaathalieLoveSP's picture

J'ai tripper sur votre album ! en 2 jours, je l'ai ecouter 7 fois au complet :) et je dois avouer que j'ai ecouter au moin 10 fois Astronaut :) I'M A SP FAN FOR EVER !! Je veux me procurer un chandail et un poster :) :D

Deathk99's picture

i love all the song? :D

melii.mey's picture

Astronaut....I LOVE IT!! I do feel like that sometimes too!

Kushal3008's picture

cool.......rock forever!! :)

Courtney's picture

love it

hellkitty0707's picture

nice album reallly love you suck at love ^_^ :D

TheSpCode's picture

Really great album, hope to see you soon in France !!

MaksimKa_'s picture

??? ???????? ??????
??????? sp

Matheus Mattos's picture

Album perfect, beautiful, great, best I've ever heard

Michelle_3's picture

i think my favorite song by far is summe paradise!! It's so happy and uplifting, i love it!!

AlineOliveira's picture

I really LOVE this album!! ?'

anaid92's picture

love U re new music video guys!!! u're awesome, I hope to see you soon in spain!!!

Ranguss's picture

best. album. ever.

Allison's picture

this is officially my favourite album!
I'm soo excited for your tour in Cananda!!!

ilymt's picture

love love love this album been listening to them since the very start and they keep getting better and better!!!